Forex Merchant Accounts & Payment Processing

Get pre-approved, merchant account in 48 hours & start with competitive rates tailored to your forex business and volume

Get access to the best European banks

As a Swiss-based payment processor for forex transactions, we’re giving you access to multiple EU merchant accounts.

Cut down chargeback losses

Reduce chargebacks to a minimum without hurting your conversion, thanks to our non-invasive 3D technology.

Begin setup within 24 hours!

Based on the information about your business, we can get you pre-approved merchant account in as little 24 hours.

Boost conversions and revenue

It takes 30 seconds to accept payment — no redirections, no distractions, no more ugly payment forms .


Customize every element of your payments

Why choose SecurionPay as your no. 1 payment processor?

Start the setup process in less than 48 hours

  • Each of our clients gets a dedicated customer success manager backed by a team of experts, so you can start the setup process within 24 hours!
  • Loved by developers — simple, copy-paste integration. Even a junior developer can handle it!
  • Payments as simple as clicking the button. No redirections, no ugly 3rd-party forms. Hassle-free payment through SecurionPay checkout in 30 seconds that reduces cart abandonment.
  • Checkout process optimized for higher payment acceptance rates, even in adult. Your revenue will never get hurt again!

It takes 30 seconds to pay with SecurionPay

What they are saying

Helping our clients succeed

We have tried many payment platform before. SecurionPat turned out to be optimal solution for our needs due not only to an easy and seamless implementation, but also thanks to its powerful features. 

SecurionPay has the right UX approach, best technology and a reputable team to handle the most important part of our platform’s conversion flow. 

Tobias Peer

CEO and co-founder of Living Licquide Software GmbH

Michael O'Sullivan 

Owner of Hub People

How we help you succeed as a merchant?

Features that keep you free from chargebacks & fraud

Chargebacks and fraud

Avoid costly chargebacks and stay ahead of the fraudsters with top-notch security and built-in machine learning capabilities.

Real-time reporting

Get access to real-time data on every transaction, chargeback or fraud attempt. Act and respond quickly to urgent situations and increase your profits.

Get multiple merchant accounts during a single setup. Split transactions to lower the risk and prevent technical failures.

One setup, multiple accounts

Use multiple billing models at a time to cover complex business scenarios. Combine subscriptions and single payments and grow your business performance.

All payment scenarios

Versatile APIs

Flexible integration options, ready-to-use code, and powerful APIs – designed to make developers’ lives easier.

Payment platform loved by developers

Smooth integration, secure testing environment, robust API

Lifetime sandbox

Test your integration in the sandbox mode before going live. Run test subscriptions, manage customers, and create charges. 

Integrate in one day

We provide everything you need for your dev team: Examples, Documentation, API reference, GitHub projects.

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